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  • * Luggage lockers are located near the limousine disembarking area (2F) at the City Airport Terminal.

    Locker come in different sizes: Small (KRW 1,000), Medium (KRW 2,000), Large (KRW 3,000), Extra Large (KRW 4,000) – Extra Large lockers can fit approximately one large travel suitcase.
    Extra Large Size - Approx. 50*112*50cm (Width*Length*Height)

    Rates are for six hours. Additional fees will be charged in six-hour intervals.



    Complementary (6 hours)

    Additional (6-hour repeated intervals)


    KRW 1,000

    KRW 1,000


    KRW 2,000

    KRW 2,000


    KRW 3,000

    KRW 3,000

    Extra Large

    KRW 4,000

    KRW 4,000


    Example: If you use the lockers for the complementary storage hours and two additional hours, the total sum amount charged will be as follows:

    Small Lockers: KRW 1,000 + KRW 1,000 = KRW 2,000

    Medium Lockers: KRW 2,000 + KRW 2,000 = KRW 4,000

    Large Lockers: KRW 3,000 + KRW 3,000 = KRW 6,000


    Please use the above examples for reference.

    Available payment options include cash, Tmoney, post-paid transportation cards, mobile phones only.
    For cash payments, you can use KRW 1,000, KRW 5,000, KRW 10,000 notes. 


    * Luggage lockers are located in front of the foreign airline check-in counters on 1F of the City Airport Terminal.

    Small Luggage Items, Backpacks, ~ 20-inch Carriers: KRW 3,000

    21-Inch Carriers ~ 29-inch Carriers: KRW 5,000

    30-Inch ~ Carriers: KRW 7,000

    Long-term Storage (1-month): KRW 20,000

    For more details, please contact RAON Luggage Storage at 070-4227-1251.

  • Thanks to the streamlining of customs affairs, starting in August 2008, passengers using the City Airport Terminal with luggage items to declare for customs clearance may process said items at the Incheon International Airport.

  • All passengers regardless of check-in status can purchase tickets and use our limousines.

  • The check-in procedure must be done in person. You cannot ask someone else check-in on your behalf.

  • You can enter through the designated priority entrances at the Incheon International Airport (on the far left and far right of the Airport).

    Once you enter through the lane, you can present your passport and boarding pass at the immigration service desks reserved for diplomats and crew members and complete your immigration process.

  • For national airlines, check-in services are available from 5:20 am to 6:30 pm.

    For foreign airlines, check-in services are available from 5:10 am to 6:35 pm.

    However, actual check-in hours may change depending on prevailing circumstances. Please check your airline in advance for precise check-in hours.

  • You must arrive at the City Airport Terminal at least 3 hours 20 minutes before your departure time to check-in successfully.

  • Currently, the COEX City Airport Terminal offers check-in services for

    Korean Air, Asiana Airlines, Jeju Air, Thai Airways, Singapore Airlines, Qatar Airways, China Eastern Airline,

    Shanghai Airlines, China Southern Airlines, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Delta Airlines, United Airlines, Air France, Eastar Jet, Jin Air.

    The City Airport Terminal is looking to add more airlines for your convenience. 

  • You can check-in at the City Airport Terminal, then complete your immigration process at the Airport separately.

  • On average, check-in procedures take roughly 30 minutes. Please be aware, however,

    check-in may take longer during peak traveling seasons or if the Airport experiences heavy traffic.

  • List of hazardous items prohibited inside the cabin

    (Click to check the list)

  • You can use the Early Check-in service (checking in before your normal check-in time) on the day of your departure at the COEX City Airport Terminal

    You can complete your check-in procedure and departure immigration check before your check-in deadline (Incheon Airport Terminal 1 : 3 hours before your departure time / Incheon Airport Terminal 2 : 3 hours and 20 minutes before your departure time), take care of your personal affairs, then head over to Incheon International Airport.

  • You can use the Early Check-in service (checking in before your normal check-in time) on the day of your departure.

    Please be aware, however, you cannot check-in a day or two days before your departure.

  • In general, free (complimentary) luggage must fall within the following limits. However, standards may differ depending on the airline, so we recommend you to contact your airline and confirm the requirements regarding free luggage.


       - For the Americas:

         · Maximum weight 23kg, 2 pieces (* First Class/Business Class: Maximum weight 32kg, 2 pieces)

       - For international flights excluding the Americas: 20kg (* First Class: 40kg, Business Class: 30kg)

       - Maximum Carry-on (Cabin) Luggage Allowed

        · Maximum weight 10kg / 12kg (depends on the airline)

        · Maximum sum total of three sides 115cm (1 piece)

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