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GangbukㆍSeongbuk ↔ Gimpo Airport

김포공항 도심공항 수락터미널 종암경찰서 숭례초교(고려대) 미아사거리 미아역 수유역 쌍문역
Real-time location guide
end raceSungrye Elementary school(Korea Univ.)(08967)
end raceJongam Police Station(08151)
end raceMia Sageori Station(09012)
end raceMia Station(09008)
end raceSuyu Station(09004)
end raceSsangmun Station(10016)
end raceSurak Terminal(11889)
Passing byUijeongbu IC(92616)
Passing bySongchu IC(78136)
Passing byNogosan(78146)
Passing byYangju IC(68604)
Passing byTongilro IC(35699)
Passing byGoyang IC(92618)
Passing byIlsan IC(92619)
Passing byJayuro IC(92620)
Passing byGimpo IC(78233)
Gimpo Airport(International)(16848)
Gimpo Airport(Domestic)(16614)
Gimpo Airport(International)(16857)
Gimpo Airport(Domestic)(16829)
Passing byInternational T2(92615)
Passing byGaewhadong sangsa(16913)
Passing byIlsan IC(35682)
Passing byGoyang IC(35683)
Passing byTongilro IC(35684)
Passing byYangju IC(68605)
Suraksan Station(11689)
Ssangmun Station(10015)
Suyu Station(09013)
Mia Station(09007)
Mia Sageori Station(09011)
Jongam Police Station(08841)
  • At the airport
    • The first bus 04:40
    • The last bus 19:20
  • come to Seoul
    • The first bus 08:30
    • The last bus 21:10
  • Estimated time
    • 80min
  • Fares
    • Adult : 7,500won
    • Child : 5,000won
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