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Real-time location guide
Departure Standby창동역동측(노원방면)(10266)
Departure Standby상계6동우체국(11590)
Departure Standby마들역(11830)
Departure Standby노일초교(11827)
Departure StandbySurak Terminal(11863)
Passing byUijeongbu IC(92616)
Passing bySongchu IC(78136)
Passing byNogosan(78146)
Passing byYangju IC(68604)
Passing byTongilro IC(35699)
Passing byGoyang IC(92618)
Passing byIlsan IC(92619)
Passing byJayuro IC(92620)
Passing byGimpo IC(78233)
Coming soonGimpo Airport(International)(16848)
5m54sGimpo Airport(Domestic)(16829)
Passing byGimpo Airport(International)(16857)
Passing byE-mart(16412)
Passing byGimpo Airport(Domestic)(16829)
Passing byGaewhadong sangsa(16913)
Passing byIlsan IC(35682)
Passing byGoyang IC(35683)
Passing byTongilro IC(35684)
Passing byYangju IC(68605)
12분6초Suraksan Station(Getting off Only)(11689)
17m29sMadeul Station(Getting off Only)(11829)
21m38sNowon Station(Getting off Only)(11250)
Coming soon창동농협물류센터(10143)
  • At the airport
    • The first bus 04:25
    • The last bus 20:30
  • come to Seoul
    • The first bus 07:50
    • The last bus 22:30
  • Estimated time
    • 50min
  • Fares
    • Adult : 8,000won
    • Child : 5,000won
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